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Below are our current academic programs on offer at our USA branch. Classes are taught in house and online as well. Click to view and register:

Accelerated Biblical Studies Program (ECI)
Academic Programs (ECI) Certificate (12 weeks/class)
Academic Programs (ECI) Diploma (12 weeks/class)

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$200 per course

Accelerated Biblical Studies Program

Offered to large groups (church leaders, organizational leaders, etc)


Note: This is a specialized course taught at ECI and/or at the requested church’s location and taught online as well.

This is a transformational course designed for church leaders of various educational backgrounds. It is an intense training program that teaches basic interpretive, homiletic, and public speaking skills necessary to prepare lay leaders and to move them forward in the work of ministry. The course is divided into 33 sessions, with the length of each session to be determined by the instructor.

The course contains four major components or modules: 1) biblical interpretation methodology and skills; 2) homiletical skills in drafting and delivering a sermon and/or a Bible study/Sunday school lesson; 3) public speaking skills; and 4) leadership skills.  It is also recommended by the instructor that the students keep a journal throughout the entire course to record their thoughts and revelations as they spend time meditating in the Word and in God’s presence.

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12 Weeks Class
(ECI Certificate)

Academic Programs
(ECI) Certificate (12 weeks/class)

Old Testament
New Testament
Biblical Interpretation I
Public Speaking
Christian Doctrine/Theology
Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
Worship in the Old/New Testament and the Church Today

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  12 Weeks Class
(ECI Diploma)

Academic Programs
(ECI) Diploma (12 weeks/class)

Biblical Interpretation II
Theology II
Leadership in the New Millennium
Worship in the Old/New Testament and Church of Today II
World Religions
Marriage and Family Counseling

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