Our Students Include:

  • Church Leaders/Laity within the Washington Metropolitan Area (DC/MD/VA)
  • Members of the DC/MD/VA Ghanaian Ministers Association

  • Breakthrough Evangelistic Ministries, International

  • Holy Fire Prayer Ministry

In addition to fellowshipping with one another throughout the year, students matriculating at Emmanuel Christian Institute also have an opportunity to join Rev. Connie Welch on evangelistic/mission tours around the globe. These tours are expressed as experiential learning credits. Students have an opportunity to preach the Gospel and to minister to those of various faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Time is allotted for sightseeing tours, visiting museums, and spending time with the locals.

Emmanuel Christian Institute partners with Connie Welch Ministries in the United States and South Africa and with the esteemed Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology and the Center for Lifelong Learning and Leadership at Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA.
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